Content Expander

Expand a single sentence or bullet points into a complete thought.


Create limitless variations of a piece of content and unleash your creativity with the Remix tool.


LinkedIn Text Ads

Start building out that B2B marketing campaign with these LinkedIn Text Ads.

Amazon Listings

Quickly generate a dozen new titles for your latest product – ready to post on Amazon.

Meta Descriptions

A great meta description is the first step in SEO greatness – plus it helps your links look polished in Slack!

Catchy Hook

Everyone needs a great catchy hook for their brand. This is a step between a tagline and a pitch.

Mission Statement

What’s the true goal of your brand? Help brainstorm for answers with the mission statement template.

Amazon Ads

When that organic placement isn’t cutting it on Amazon, it’s time to boost those sales with our Amazon Ads template.

Brand Statement

Distill your brand’s essence down to a single simple brand statement in seconds.

Pain Benefit Solution

Pain Benefit Solution is classic copywriting formula to help you write better by identifying the pain, highlighting the benefit then offering a solution.

New Product

What’s next for your company? Time to brainstorm some new product ideas.

Facebook Primary Text

Write evoking and inspiring text with with the Facebook Primary Text template, capped at 125 characters per Facebook Ad guidelines.

Facebook Headlines

Capture more ???? with compelling Facebook Headlines, capped at 40 characters per Facebook Ad guidelines.

Viral Growth Ideas

???? your growth with dozens of original ideas just for your brand.


Email Subject Lines

Boost those open rates with a fresh set of new email subject line ideas.

Sales Outreach

Build new connections and land clients with a compelling bespoke email.

Pitch a VC

Ready to grab that Series A round? Try out the Pitch A VC template for some inspiration.

Pitch an Angel

Just starting out and could use a little kickstart to your seed round? Try pitching an Angel Investor with this template.



Launching a new product? Let’s couple it with a catchy product description.

Blog Ideas

You know you should write something. This template helps you take the first step towards an article.

TikTok Video Ideas

Looking to brainstorm video ideas to boost your followers? We’ve got you covered.


Landing Pages

Reimagine your landing page with limitless variations of new or existing copy.

Header + Description

Quickly create dozens of new headlines and descriptions for your website.


What features should you highlight? Always a tricky decision. This template helps your pick from the best of the bunch.


Why is your company important to your customers? Tell them with the Benefits template.


Google Ads

Create Google Ads from scratch with exact requirements and layout required for use.

Facebook Ads

A limitless supply of original Facebook Ad copy.



What’s better than a catchy brand slogan? Not much. Create a new one in seconds.