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What is a sales email?

A sales email is an email that is specifically designed to promote your brand’s products, benefits, and services. The main goal of the sales email is to make readers want to buy your product and do business with you. The offer your brand makes in the email, the format, and the email’s ability to engage the audience will all determine how successful your sales email will be. 

How to write sales emails using Smart Copy (It’s easy!)

It’s simple to get started, but here’s a detailed breakdown. By the way, Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine the attributes about your brand, both what you have listed in the sidebar and what exists on the internet, and generates fitting landing page copy just for you! Ok, let’s get started.

  • 1.

    If you have never used Smart Copy before, the first thing you should do is create a free account. You can go to and click “Get Started-Free.”

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    As you make your account, Smart Copy will ask you some details about your brand like the name, audience, keywords, and description. After your account setup is complete, you can click “Sales Outreach” on the templates page under the category “Emails.”

  • 3.

    The right-hand sidebar on the sales page should demonstrate all of your company’s information that you entered previously. Make sure you’re satisfied with the details and then click the blue “Create” button. 

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    Sit back and let Smart Copy write a sales email for you in just a few seconds! The generator will give you three or more great options to choose from.

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    All of Smart Copy’s generators also have “Customize” options. When using this feature on the sales outreach template, you can type in your desired tone for your email. Click “Create” again and Smart Copy will generate a new email for you using your specified custom options! 

Tips for improving your emails using the sales email generator   

  1. The subject line will be the first thing the recipient sees when they receive your email. It will determine whether they will open it or not, so make sure your subject line grabs their attention.
  1. Successful sales emails also make their subject line a question to better entice the reader. 
  1. Make sure the service that you’re offering is the first thing the reader learns by including it at the very beginning of the email.
  1. Use a small paragraph to explain more about your company and products. Provide just enough information so the consumer knows about the product, but is still curious enough to call you and learn more.
  1. Show the recipient that you have researched their company. Include a few facts that you know about their company and show them how they can benefit from using your products.
  1. Give the person information on how to access you and your brand. This can be your contact information and a link to your services.
  2. Always personalize the email. For example, include the person’s name at the start of the email to differentiate your email from a mass email campaign.   

Using the sales email generator as a template

Before creating a template, consider the best way to offer your product. Some brands may need templates that need pictures, gifs, or bright colors. 

Other companies would benefit more from a simple template with short paragraphs. 

Either way, start your template with “Hi {first name}, this will show the recipient that you have personalized your outreach process. It will also make them feel more like an individual, and not just another person receiving your sales email. 

Write a few sentences about your company and what they provide. Then start a new paragraph about what you know about them and how they could use your products to make their business better. Try to be as specific as possible without using too many words or making your paragraphs overly long. 

End the email by asking them if they are interested in learning more and let them know you are readily available to spend a few moments with them explaining your brand. 

Leave your contact information or another way to access your company. Make sure you sign it personally with your name.

Sales emails examples


Concise Copy

This sales email is kept brief and straight to the point. It also expresses how the company wants to help and how their services can benefit the recipient. 


Subject Lines

Keep in mind that a colorful sales email with pictures is not always necessary or appropriate. Sometimes simplicity is best. The headline of this email is provocative and makes receivers want to click it open and read more. It also leaves the consumer with a question and a way to engage. 


Personalized Greetings

This email addresses the person by name. It also demonstrates that the brand has done some research on the recipient and is highly personalized. The ending leaves the reader with a question of how they can use the advertised services. 


Are sales emails the same as marketing emails?

Even though best practices and the format for both can often be the same, they are different in many ways. A marketing email is often an email that is sent to a large number of people offering a sale or product. Usually people who are receiving marketing emails have already subscribed to your brand or company. 

A sales outreach email is for creating new prospects to offer your products to people who do not know much about your brand, but would highly benefit from it. 

A marketing email is more likely to include templates with photos or videos, while a sales email will just be words and a simple format.

Frequently asked questions about sales emails

How does the sales emails generator work?

When you created your Smart Copy account, some basic information was asked about your brand such as the company name, the brand description, and the audience. The generator uses these categories as well as information that already exists on the web to create an informative sales email for your business. 

Why are sales emails important?

A carefully formulated sales email can create many new prospects for your brand. They are also a great way to raise awareness about your company and what it is doing to help people. Companies and individuals are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue and make their jobs easier, your sales outreach methods can specially target people who need your services the most. 

How much does the sales email generator cost?

The sales email generator is free to use for anyone with a Smart Copy account. Keep in mind that the free membership is limited to 5 credits each day. The accuracy of the generator will depend on your information from the right-hand sidebar, so it is recommended that you always keep it detailed and correct, this way Smart Copy can create the best sales email for you! If you run out of free daily credits and want more, consider upgrading to the unlimited membership.

How do I create sales emails for free?

At Smart Copy, you can create a free account where every day you receive 5 free credits to use any of our template generators. These free credits will renew every 24 hours. Smart Copy also has some awesome unlimited membership plans that can be found at

How do I create informative sales emails?

An email that is informative can relate to the recipient exactly what you plan to offer them. Depending on your audience, an email with an informative tone is more likely to win over business prospects. At Smart Copy, you can customize the tone of your sales outreach emails by clicking the “Customize” button at the very bottom right sidebar. You can then type in “informative” or another tone of your choosing. 

How can I use sales emails to grow my brand?

The sales email generator will create a sales outreach template that is personalized to your company and its features. They are designed to be sent to potential prospects to make them interested in your brand’s offers. Always make sure the sales template has the person addressed by their first name and that it has your contact information, this way when they are ready to reach out to you, they know-how. It is also a good idea to mention that explaining your brand to them will only take a few minutes, so they know it can be done quickly even in their busy schedule.