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What are product descriptions?

Product descriptions are an important marketing tool that explains what your product is and why people should purchase it. The product description should always explain to consumers how they can benefit from the product and how it can make their life easier. It should influence customers to buy your product and encourage them to discover the features that make your product unique and different from other similar products. 

How to write product descriptions using Smart Copy (It’s easy!)

It’s simple to get started, but here’s a detailed breakdown. By the way, Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine the attributes about your brand, both what you have listed in the sidebar and what exists on the internet, and generates fitting landing page copy just for you! Ok, let’s get started.

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    If you’re new to Smart Copy, the first thing you should do is create a free account. When creating your account, Smart Copy will ask you a few things about your brand. Make sure to input your company’s name, audience, brand keywords, and a description of your company. 

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    After creating your account, you’ll be taken to the Templates page. Click “Products” to get started. ”

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    On the Product Descriptions page, a sidebar will appear on the right that should show your company’s brand information. Make sure it is accurate and add anything else that you think may be necessary. Then click “Create” at the bottom of the page.

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    Smart Copy will now create product descriptions for you in just a few seconds!

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    If you want to make your copy more personalized, you can use the “Custom” option at the bottom of the sidebar. Smart Copy will ask you to type in your product’s name and product tags. Click “Create” again to see your custom product description! If you want to see more options, you can always click “Create” again, up to five times daily. 

Tips for improving product descriptions  

  1. Keep all product descriptions simple and easy for the audience to read. The benefits and selling points of the description should be easily identifiable. Try not to use filler words or long sentences. 
  1. Appeal to your ideal audience. All product descriptions should be targeted to the audience you want to buy your product. Think of your ideal consumer and use words in your description that would relate to your desired demographic. 
  2. Highlight the problem it will solve. Identify why people need your product and how it will improve their personal life, how it could change their careers, or how it might help them achieve their goals. 
  3. Include a few photos or gifs as part of the description. Many people need a visual to encourage them to buy something. Since your product is being sold online and the consumer cannot hold the object, help them envision what the product looks like and how it is used.
  1. Consider where and when someone would use your product. In the product description, explain to the consumer the best places and times to use your product. This way they can get the most out of the product’s values. 
  1. Use a short story or your product’s backstory to gain interest and inspire the reader. This will help the audience understand your brand’s purpose and why you created this particular product. 

Product description formatting

The way you present and format your product description is key for ensuring consumers want to buy your product. A good product description will usually feature a paragraph that explains the benefits and role of the product. Some descriptions use one longer paragraph and others may use two shorter paragraphs. 

A bullet point list or checkoff list is also great for highlighting exactly what your product can do. For a beauty product, this list may include key ingredients that are fresh and healthy for skin. A food or beverage product may use a list to show health benefits to the consumer. It may also list serving sizes or quick nutritional facts. A software company can use a bullet point list to explain how easy their software is to use and what kinds of tools are available with it. 

Product description formatting also includes the tone of your writing. Try to make it seem like you are talking directly to your audience in a light conversation. This is also a great way to include the story of your brand and what inspired you to create it. 

For specific parts of the description that you want to be highlighted, try bolding it or changing the color of the font. This way readers are directly drawn to these phrases. 

Product descriptions examples


Sensory Words

This product description has a short paragraph that highlights the product’s benefits in relation to hair and beards. It uses sensory words such as “refreshed” and “rehydrated” to create a mental image of beautiful, smooth hair. 


Using Color

The color red is used in this product description to allow the reader to easily identify the nutrition facts of the product. The description also uses alliteration words like “beautiful,” “blooming brilliant,” and “beetrooty” to create playful words that the audience will remember. 


Short Copy

Two shorter paragraphs followed by a bullet list allow this product description to be easily read, despite its longer length. The bullet list also emphasizes the features of the product so the reader knows exactly the resources available to them by purchasing this product.


Is a product description the same as my brand’s story?

Although it is great to include a little history about your brand in a product description, they are not directly the same. The product description should only include a few sentences or phrases that depict the story of your company. The brand’s goals and reputation can also be included in the description, but should not be the main focus. 

A product description’s main purpose is to sell one individual product, not necessarily your company as a whole. However, a great product description can turn audience members into loyal customers who will then buy more products from your brand. 

The company’s story is usually always shown on your website, so when consumers click on your product’s link, they should be able to read more about your brand’s values when navigating through the website. 

Frequently asked questions about product descriptions

How does the products generator work?

Smart Copy’s product description generator uses your company’s name, your brand’s keywords, your targeted audience and the description of your brand to generate a perfect product description that promotes your brand’s values and their benefits. As you create your Smart Copy profile, you will be asked to enter all this information. Each time you access your product description template, you can update the information as needed and let the generator create new descriptions for you. 

Why is it important to have product descriptions?

Product descriptions are what will determine if a reader wants to buy your product or not. A detailed and effective description will tell consumers why they need your product and how it will help them. In general, people like to know exactly what a product is before they will buy it. If your product description is too short or does not explicitly display benefits, the reader may move on to the next web page to search for another product.

How much does the product descriptions generator cost?

At Smart Copy, we give you 5  free daily credits to use any generator template. If you want unlimited access to the product description generator, you can upgrade to our membership plan and use any of our generators as many times as you like! Our membership plans can be found at

How do I create product descriptions for free?

With the free Smart Copy membership, you can use the generator up to five times a day. Always check that your brand’s information in the sidebar is correct before using the product description generator. If you need more product description options, you can always upgrade to our paid membership that features unlimited daily credits. You can also wait until the next day, when you will gain another five free credits. 

How do I create highly specific product descriptions?

Product descriptions should always be targeted to one specific product that you want to advertise. Always create your descriptions with your product’s values and benefits in mind. A product description should also be specific to a particular audience, not the population as a whole. Make sure your audience input on the generator’s sidebar is detailed and accurate. The company’s description section on the sidebar can also help create a more distinct description as well.

How can I show my product’s name in the generator?

Use our customizable tools on the product description template! When you click customize on the bottom ride hand size, the generator will give you options to add your product’s name and tags. Typing in your product’s name and creating product tags will help label your product. This will allow the generator to better understand your product’s features and how they can be sold to consumers.