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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page on your company’s website that is designed to market or advertise a specific goal or campaign within your brand. Companies often include links in emails, advertisements, or social media platforms that when clicked, take the consumer to a landing page that explains and promotes the campaign. These landing pages are designed to generate more business and leads for your brand’s current campaign especially when the landing page copy is clear and compelling.

How to write landing copy using Smart Copy (It’s easy!)

It’s simple to get started, but here’s a detailed breakdown. By the way, Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine the attributes about your brand, both what you have listed in the sidebar and what exists on the internet, and generates fitting landing page copy just for you! Ok, let’s get started.

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    If you’re new to Smart Copy- the first thing you want to do is create an account. Make sure to input your company name, audience, brand keywords, and description. These are all super important when creating your business’ landing page.

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    After creating your account, you’ll be taken to the Templates page. Click “Landing Pages.”

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    The sidebar on the right side of the page will show all your company’s information that you input when creating your account. When you are satisfied with the information, click “Create” on the bottom right of the page.

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    Smart Copy will now create landing page copy for you in just a few seconds!

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    If you want to make your copy more personalized, you can use the “Custom” option that is at the bottom of the sidebar. When clicked, Smart Copy will ask you to fill in the topic of your campaign, as well as its features and benefits. Click “Create” again to see your custom landing page copy! 

Tips for improving your copy  

  1. Create a headline that is catchy and draws the consumer in. This means your landing page should have a headline that is big and easy to spot.
  1. Consider using a subheadline. Keep the subheadline short and make sure it demonstrates how the customer will benefit from what you are advertising. 
  1. Always keep your target audience in mind when writing landing page copy. Think of your audience’s needs, habits, and desires. Try to define your audience as much as possible. Instead of your audience simply being “people who want to travel,” your audience could be “backpacking travelers who are more interested in adventure and exploring than luxury vacations.” 
  1. Format the copy to maximize visibility and use easy to read fonts. This could be done in short sentences, lists, quotes, or a mixture of all three.
  1. Include customer testimonials. Landing pages will often showcase copy from customer testimonials at the bottom of the page.
  1. Show the product you are advertising. Include a short video or a gif of someone using your product to show how real people are benefiting from your brand. 
  2. Clickable buttons like “Sign Up” or “Get Started” are often referred to as CTA or Call to Action Buttons. All good landing pages will explain their product’s benefits and then easily allow visitors to access to them. These CTA buttons should be clearly visible.  

Landing Page Copy

A template is an easy way to format your landing page copy to make copy easy to read and follow. Your template should be designed with your brand’s audience in mind. If you are advertising houses in a retirement neighborhood, consider that your audience will be older. Use big fonts, a photo that is welcoming, and a bullet point list that showcases the community’s features and how the audience will benefit from living in a retirement neighborhood.

A template should have a photo, gif, or short video showcasing your product and how it is used. Have photos of a consumer wearing your brand’s clothing or a short video of a customer using your brand’s website. 

A template will help format your headline, subheadline, and all other copy so that it is highly visible. Good templates may also use certain colors or shapes to easily direct the reader’s eyes to the copy. 

Remember to use a template that is simple. Stay with one color scheme that matches your font and photos. Consider using a template with columns or a bullet list so that your copy is organized. 

Landing page copy examples



Remember the headlines should  immediately draw the targeted audience into wanting to learn more about the brand. The headlines are also the largest lettering on the screen and are short and catchy. 



The subheadline explains how consumers can benefit from your product. It uses just a few simple phrases that allows the client to easily identify how this product will help them.


CTA Buttons 

Always make the landing page’s action button such as “Get Started” clearly visible and one of the only clickable links on the page. 


How exactly are landing pages and homepages different?

Not exactly. A landing page does not give access to the entire company’s website. The landing page also does not have links or any navigation besides the “Call to Action” button. This is because the landing page wants to keep the customer’s focus on the promotion.

For this reason, the landing page is also an excellent way to turn visitors into paying customers. You may hear or read the word “conversion” numerous times when researching how to create an awesome landing page. Conversion simply means the landing page’s ability to convert someone who is just visiting the site into someone who is a supporting customer.

Frequently asked questions about landing page copy

How does the landing page generator work?

Smart Copy’s landing page generator uses your company’s name, your brand’s keywords, your targeted audience and the description of your company to generate landing page copy that promotes your brand’s services and their benefits. When you create your Smart Copy profile, you will enter in this information. Each time you access your landing page template, you can update this information as needed and let the generator create new copy for you. 

Why is it important to have a landing page?

Landing pages allow a consumer to view a current promotion or campaign that your brand is advertising. Landing pages are a great way to drive traffic towards your brand and to give clients an easy way to start using your products. At Smart Copy, we know that converting visitors into customers that actively use your products can be a difficult task. The landing page copy is crucial in growing your business and creating lifelong customers. Our generator can help create landing page copy that accurately represents your brand and the ways it can benefit each visitor to your page. 

How much does the landing page generator cost?

At Smart Copy, we give you 5 free daily credits to generate landing page copy. If you want unlimited access to the landing page generator, you can upgrade to our membership plan and use any of our generators as many times as you like! Our membership plans can be found at

How do I create landing page copy for free?

With the free Smart Copy membership, you can create landing page copy for up to five times a day. Always check that your brand’s information in the sidebar is correct before using the Smart Copy generator. If you need more landing page copy options, you can always upgrade to our paid membership that features unlimited daily credits or you can wait until the next day, when you will gain another five free credits.

WHow do I create engaging landing page copy?

Landing page copy should be engaging to your target audience. Always create your copy with a specific and detailed audience in mind. When using the Smart Copy generator, you have the option to type in your audience in the right hand sidebar. Spend a good amount of time deciding on who your desired audience is before selecting an option. 

How can I show my brand’s benefits on the landing page copy?

Use our customizable tools on the landing page template! When you click customize on the bottom ride hand size, the generator will give you options to add your product’s features, benefits, and product topic. Typing in your brand’s benefits will allow the generator to better understand your brand’s services and how they help people.