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What are google ads?

You have probably seen google ads every time you use the google search engine. Google ads are paid advertisements that appear on search results when people use the google search engine. They usually appear at the very top and the very bottom of the search page. 

Google ads are produced using specific keywords that a company chooses when creating their advertisements. Keywords are usually chosen based on words you think people would use when searching for a brand or product like the one your business offers.

How to write google ads using Smart Copy (It’s easy!)

It’s simple to get started, but here’s a detailed breakdown. By the way, Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine the attributes about your brand, both what you have listed in the sidebar and what exists on the internet, and generates fitting landing page copy just for you! Ok, let’s get started.

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    If you do not already have a Smart Copy account, you can create one for free! Smart Copy will also ask you some questions about your brand such as the name, audience, description, and keywords.

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    After setting up your account, click on “Google Ads” under the templates page. 

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    The right sidebar will show all your company inputs that you selected earlier. Give it a quick review and then click the blue “Create” button at the bottom right corner.

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    Smart Copy will now make five custom ads for you!

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    Review your options. You can always click “Create” again for five new choices or use the customize option.

Improving your ads using the Google ads generator  

  1. Focus on your brand’s keywords. The keywords that you use for your google ads should be specific and thorough. Try to get into the mind of your targeted audience and think about what they would type in when searching for brands. 
  1. Know your audience. The audience will be the ones searching for your products and are one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when creating your ads. 
  2. Exclude certain keywords. When making ads, google will often give you the option to exclude keywords. For example, if you have a budget travel company aimed towards backpackers and cheap hostels, you can exclude words like “family travel,” “resorts,” and “luxurious.”
  3. Fill out all the available options. Google will ask you to enter in headlines, Call to Actions, descriptions, etc. Not all of the fields are mandatory, but you should fill them in anyway. This will ensure you are getting highly qualified matches and not irrelevant searches.
  1. Create several ads using the google ads generator and test them. Many brands and companies will create a few google ads and run tests on them. This is a great way to see which one is most successful and which one is getting the most conversions.
  1. Use ad extensions. Sitelink and Callout extensions are great ways for giving your customers access to specific landing pages and ensuring that they get the information that they needed when they clicked on your link.

Templates for Google ads

The way you present and format your product description is key for ensuring consumers want to buy your product. A good product description will usually feature a paragraph that explains the benefits and role of the product. Some descriptions use one longer paragraph and others may use two shorter paragraphs. 

A bullet point list or checkoff list is also great for highlighting exactly what your product can do. For a beauty product, this list may include key ingredients that are fresh and healthy for skin. A food or beverage product may use a list to show health benefits to the consumer. It may also list serving sizes or quick nutritional facts. A software company can use a bullet point list to explain how easy their software is to use and what kinds of tools are available with it. 

Product description formatting also includes the tone of your writing. Try to make it seem like you are talking directly to your audience in a light conversation. This is also a great way to include the story of your brand and what inspired you to create it. 

For specific parts of the description that you want to be highlighted, try bolding it or changing the color of the font. This way readers are directly drawn to these phrases. 

Google ad examples


Big Brands

It may come as a surprise that well-known companies like Kate Spade use google ads. The truth is that all brands use google ads because they are highly effective at showing your business and everything it represents.



In this example, you can see the keywords that the person searched in the search bar. The keywords that match the ad are bolded. When creating your google ads, you can determine whether you want all your ads to be an exact match to what was searched or if you want it to be broader and only match a few or one of the words. 



This ad features a headline, the link to the website page where donations can be made, and then two separate links to more specific donation pages. This allows people to get straight to what they are looking for, rather than having to navigate through your whole website. 


Why does my brand need Google ads?

All brands and companies use ads to promote awareness of their brand. Even popular companies still continue to use google ads when they have a new feature or sale. Google is the most used search engine, so everyone will have access to your company through google ads. Google ads also feature formats that are very easy to see and read, creating maximum visibility for people to see your business. 

Frequently asked questions about Google ads

How does the Google ads generator work?

The generator uses the inputs you inserted when creating your account. The generator can take your information like your brand’s name, keywords, audience, and description to make a google ad personalized to your company.

Why are Google ads important to your company?

Growing your new brand or creating more web traffic to your brand can be challenging at the beginning. It involves hours of thought and planning to ensure that your keywords and audience are being targeted correctly. At Smart Copy, we aim to take some of that stress away by helping you create amazing google ads that are ready to use. 

How much does the Google ads generator cost?

The google ad generator is free to use as long as you have a Smart Copy account! You can use it up to five free times a day. If you need to use it more, you can upgrade your account or simply wait until the next day, when you will gain another five free credits. Always make sure to keep your company’s information accurate through the sidebar so Smart Copy can create the best content for you.

How do I create Google ads for free?

The free Smart Copy account gives you 5 free daily credits to create google ads for you! These credits can be used for any of our generators. If you are planning to use several generators at once time, we recommend you upgrade to our unlimited membership plan at

How can I customize my Google ads?

All of Smart Copy’s generators have customizable options on the right sidebar. When you click it, you may be asked to insert tones, keywords, or more depending on the template that you are using. Using the Customize toggle can make your ads more personalized and direct.

How can I ensure that people click on my ads?

The number one thing to keep in mind when ensuring sales are being made through your google ads are your keywords and your audience. Keeping these accurate and detailed will create more sales for your brand. Consider running tests and changing your ads often until you find one that is the most successful.