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What is Facebook primary text?

The primary text on Facebook is what shows at the very beginning of an ad that you create. It will provide a brief summary of your brand and some of the benefits that it offers. Facebook caps this at 125 characters so it’s important to get the right message across. 

Our generator keeps this cap in mind. We take the most important parts of your company’s benefits and make sure that they are expressed in the primary text. 

The headline is not part of the actual primary text, but it still matters. We have a separate Facebook headline generator that can help you complete your ad writing. 

How to create Facebook primary text using Smart Copy (It’s easy!)

It’s simple to get started, but here’s a detailed breakdown. By the way, Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine the attributes about your brand, both what you have listed in the sidebar and what exists on the internet, and generates fitting landing page copy just for you! Ok, let’s get started.

  • 1.

    Make your free Smart Copy account! Just enter in your brand’s information such as the company name, keywords, audience, and short description.

  • 2.

    Navigate to the templates page and click “Facebook Primary Text.”

  • 3.

    The right sidebar will display all of your brand’s information. Check to make sure that everything is correct and update anything needed.

  • 4.

    Click the “Create” button and Smart Copy will start to do the work for you.

  • 5.

    Smart Copy will give you about 9 ideas for your Facebook text! Use the customize toggle to create more ideas that are personalized. 

Improving your Facebook text using the Facebook Primary Text Generator  

  1. Keep it short and simple. Ad text should be as short as it can be while still explaining the benefits of your brand. A text that is too long might make readers skip over important parts.
  1. Use the optimization features in Facebook. When you create ads in Facebook, it will give you options to use features such as the Conversion objective. This will help your text create more traffic to your website. 
  2. Target a specific audience. Knowing your audience will help you write the best texts. It should appeal to a certain group and make them want to learn more.
  3. Advertise your benefits. The short text should describe some, if not all of the benefits that your brand can give to people. This will make people want to click and learn more.
  1. Break up the text. Instead of using one long paragraph, break up the text into 2 or 3 smaller lines. This makes it easy to scan by the reader. 
  1. Make people want to learn more. Include something in the last sentence or section that makes people want to click on the ad and see the website or landing page.

Facebook Primary Text Templates

The text should consist of a few small lines of text. This increases readability and the chance that people will read the entirety of the text before scrolling. 

Make each sentence a concise statement. Run On sentences or long segments will be harder to read and are not as effective for marketing. 

The great thing about Facebook primary texts is that they are automatically capped at a certain amount of characters. This will help you keep the text short and sweet. By meeting the criteria you will have a perfect text for your Facebook ad. 

In addition to the primary text; your ad will also have a photo, a headline, and a link. 

Facebook Primary Text examples


Short text

The text on this ad is short and sweet. It ends with an exclamation point to make the text seem welcoming and inviting. In just one sentence, people know what your brand is all about. 


Highlight benefits

Notice how this text capitalizes FREE. It lets the reader know they can get something for free when they are a new member. The text is also a few short sentences which make it easier to read. 



The use of emojis has become very popular on Facebook ads. It makes your text seem more intimate and inviting. It also gives it a casual vibe. Use relevant emojis to create conversions.


Do I really need Facebook Ads?

The short answer is, yes! Almost everyone uses Facebook these days which makes it a perfect platform for advertising. Facebook ads can be the top way to generate traffic to your website. It is also a great way to use your landing pages and bring awareness to promotions that you are running. 

The primary text on the ad is the most important part of the text because it will describe what your brand does and the value it can bring to people. By reading the primary text, the audience will know what they can expect from your business. 

Most people will expect your brand to use Facebook for advertising as it has become an extremely popular platform for marketing.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook Primary Text

How does the Facebook Primary Text Generator Work?

The generator will use all the inputs of your company from your account information to generate text for you. It also incorporates ideas that are already on the web and joins all the ideas together to create new text ideas. 

Why are Facebook ads important to your company?

At Smart Copy, we know that making marketing materials can be difficult at the beginning. Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to reach a large audience at one time. A large number of Facebook users make it an easy and convenient way to show off your brand. 

How much does the Facebook Primary Text generator cost?

All of the generators at Smart Copy are free to use! They can be used up to 5 times a day to create new content. Keep your information about your brand up to date to ensure that the generator makes the best text for you. 

How can I create text ideas for free?

The generator at Smart Copy is free to use! Once you have an account, you can use any of the templates for free, up to 5 times a day. You will receive more daily credits as a new user. If you plan to create a large amount of content at home time consider upgrading to our unlimited membership at

How can I customize the text?

All of our generators have “customize” toggles on them. Simply turn on the toggle and enter in the extra inputs that Smart Copy asks for. This may be additional information about the tone, the audience, or the keywords. Click “Create” and the generator will create personalized text for you!

How can ads affect my business?

Facebook ads can drive more traffic to your website. The primary text will offer a short idea of why people should visit your site and use your products. Then, when people go to your website they will see all the features and benefits that you offer.