AI Email Templates for Founders

This week we’re excited to launch our new collection of email templates, emails for founders.

With our latest set of templates, founders can now get a jumpstart on their outbound comms to help raise funds.

We’re launching three templates today, Sales Outreach, VC Pitch and Angel Pitch.

Keep reading for a few examples or just give them a spin for free.

Sales Email

We put this email together especially for the indie + bootstrapped founders looking for their first customers (but more established companies can use it as well!).

This template will help you get up and running to build new connections and land clients with a compelling bespoke email.

Check out an example here and pictured below.

Angel Pitch

Sometimes you don’t need a full round of funding, but you do need a capital injection.

That’s when an Angel swoops in and helps out. And now you can quickly fire off an email like this to your favorite Angel to get the conversation started.

VC Pitch

It’s time to raise funds again and you stare at your Compose window in gmail with dread.

Where do you even start? Right here. Let us kick start the creativity with a bespoke sales email like this one.

Wrapping Up

I hope these emails help unblock the writers block and help land you your first bit of capital!

As always, these templates are free to use forever, so give them a try and let us know what you think!

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