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Snazzy AI is the simplest way to create content for your brand.

Bring your content to life. 

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Create landing pages, Google Ads, and taglines with ease.

Instant Results

Snazzy’s AI will do the time consuming work for you. 3 clicks to create an amazing landing page.

World-Class Copy

Generate human, scalable content in minutes using our AI platform and diverse set of templates.

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The Snazzy Way

Built for the teams that understand the value of great content at scale

Snazzy will instantly give you great content ideas for social media ads, landing pages and more.

Content Teams

Our platform easily snaps into existing workflows, expediting content creation and freeing up your time to focus on strategy and tactics.


Hire a content creative algorithm in a single click and get all the copy you need for you brand in minutes.


Snazzy is built from the ground up for privacy and we prioritize brand safety. All generated copy is scanned and assigned a brand safety label from safe to toxic.


Scale your creative offerings and impress your clients with instant turnaround time for content requests.

Key features

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Google Ads

Create Google Ads from scratch with exact requirements and layout required for use.

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What’s better than a catchy brand slogan? Not much. Create a new tagline in seconds.

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Landing Pages

Reimagine your landing page with limitless variations of new or existing copy.

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Product Descriptions

Generate product descriptions based off a set of descriptive tags.

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Pricing plans

Unlimited content, one price.

Simple pricing for businesses ready to scale their content needs.


  • Every content template
  • Limited to 5 generations
    per day
  • Limited support
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  • Every content template
  • Unlimited content generation
  • Same day support
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